MUGWORT- Tall Among plants, Grand In Health Benefits

by Victor James

The Mugwort plant which is commonly known as the NAGDONA OR DAVANA in Hindi and has many other names as per the language. Botanically known as Artemisia Vulgaris, it is actually close in the family to Sunflower plant. It is a tall shrub, with purple stems, green leaves. And like the sunflower plant, its flowers are yellow and quite attractive.

The green leaves & roots yield the herb that has a great effect on the digestive system of humans. But let’s study the uses in detail below-

1  Helps with indigestion

Indigestion can by far be the most disheartening in humans. A problematic stomach can really ruin your day! But relax, here is Mugwort to your rescue which will kill those parasitic germs in your gut and set the path for a trouble-free day!

 2. Nervous system related disorders

Certain epileptic and other disorders related to the nervous systems including convulsions in children were treated with Mugwort. However, with the advent of newly tested faster drugs this use seems to have faded away.

3. Improves Blood Circulation

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Blood circulation was improved over a certain period of time using Mugwort. This could be in the form of powder or even Mugwort tea.

4.Helps you get through your periods

A delayed menstruation cycle is a major cause of anxiety in women. Mugwort is known to have not only regulated the cycle but also relieved women from the pain and menstrual cramps to a great extent.

5. Improves sexual stamina

If you are a person suffering from the lowering of libido and want to increase your urge and stamina, Mugwort is the cure. It will send those testosterone levels into the necessary orbit and improve your urge and…life!!

6. Improves lactation

While lactating mothers were treated with Mugwort essential oil ( local application) to improve lactation, the essential oil when inhaled in a manner prescribed by aromatherapists was also found to be useful in PCOD. This disease is a polycystic ovarian disease that hampers the pregnancy. However, the oil is contraindicated in pregnancy as it has certain toxic elements.

7. Balances Hormones

Hormonal imbalance is found in both genders and is associated with many disorders like irregular mensuration, mood swings or even hirsutism- (excessive hair growth). These things can really affect the general well being of an individual and hamper his or her working. Mugwort really helps out here and regular uses under a trained therapist can regulate most of the conditions.

8. Relaxes your mind

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If you frequently feel nervous, fatigued or stressed out and it affects your day to day working, you must seriously consider the services of a trained aromatherapist who will over a period of time relieve you of these symptoms. The Mugwort essential oil is of prime use in these mental fluctuations. What’s more, it will improve the general condition of the brain and alleviate the fraying of nerves.

Are you tired of trying all kinds of hair products and still not satisfied with any? I have the perfect solution for you!

9. Keeps your Hair healthy

In order to keep our hair healthy, we need to take care of them from the inside as well. Confused? As already mentioned it improves blood circulation which helps to keep our hair healthy. This is to make your hair strong and lustrous.

10. Fights against dandruff

Dandruff has become a very common thing these days. Let’s not get used to it. Dandruff is an outcome of a dry scalp. Mugwort will nourish your scalp and make your hair shine! It is also rich in Vitamin E which is very healthy for our Hair. So don’t forget to feed your hair too! (Not Literally though)

Most girls of child-bearing age have a common complaint. Do you know what I am talking about Yes that’s right! Acne. Always wished for clear and flawless skin?

Here is how Mugwort will help you solve this problem-

11. Makes your skin clear

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Acne can be a result of blood impurity. Believe it or not, the solution for this is also Mugwort as it purifies our blood. Which will take you on your way to a flawless skin that you have always desired?

12. Regulates your menstrual cycle

Planning a Beach Vacation but not sure about the dates because of your irregular menstrual cycle? This will help you get your periods regularly so that you can plan your vacation without any hesitation!

Therefore we can realize that the herbs obtained from the leaves and roots of this plant not only give a cure to a hoard of ailments in the human body but also prove as a deterrent to conditions which can prove to be pretty uncomfortable.

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