If you have a website to launch, the platform on which it must be launched is crucial. As it is the Content Management System that decides the final look and feel of the site. Luckily, with the WordPress one does not have to think too much about which software to use. It has almost become an obvious choice.

WordPress is a free of cost platform that comes along with some solid features that make it the best choice. No matter whether you are looking for a simple platform for a ‘blog start-up’ or even if you have a big e-commerce website to launch or anything in-between WordPress has all that you need.

Some of the advantages of using WordPress are as mentioned below:

Cost: This software is free of cost. If you want to try it out, there will be no cost involved. However if you are interested in some additional features like plugins, advanced features etc, they have some low cost options available.

Themes and Plugins: In case if your website requires some additional customization, WordPress is the best for it. They have a wide range of themes and plugins to choose from. It makes it possible to customize your site with power and flexibility. Most of the themes and plugins available here come free of cost. The ones that come at an additional cost are also affordable options. You can check out from the thousands of themes and plugins and find wordpress magazine themes for your site. These themes and plugins are very easy to find on the software.

No matter if your site requires themes that are specific for photography, or e-commerce or anything, WordPress has the options for you. You will find a similar choice in case of plugins, where you can add as many features like ‘forums’, ‘contact forums’, ‘social media integration’ and others.

The software has a user friendly interface which can be used by new comers and experts with equal ease.


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