Top Five Free Apps ToKeep You Healthy In 2018

The smartphone apps have various uses and one major benefit of using them it to help you lose weight and eat right. These smartphone apps can work like your fitness trainer and guide you and motivate you to lose weight. So stay away from the meilleures pilules minceur and start using these fitness apps to achieve your weight loss goals.

Did you know that most of these apps come free? Yes, that is true and you do not need to spend anything to use the basic version of these apps.


To keep a check on your calorie intake uses the MyFitnessPal app. You can set this app to count your calorie intake and this will help you to set the right goals. It also displays your achievements in the form of a graph.


If you are looking for a fast and a workout that is effective then use the Keelo app. This app takes control of your training methods and it lets you follow the workouts that are fast-paced and helps to lose weight quickly. The workout sessions last from around eight to twenty minutes and it starts to show results when done at least thrice in a week.


This is an app that lets you meditate and lets you de-stress. The app is free but for the premium version, you will have to subscribe.


If you are one who loves to run then this is the perfect app for you. The app tracks your route in which you run and also plays some motivational songs that let you keep going and not give up.


If you follow social media and consider it to be an inspiration then this app is perfect for you. You can follow your favorite trainers for workout tips and stay motivated. This app helps to personalise this idea and you get to decide on your trainer. You get daily workout schedule and tips. You also get to interact with the training community.

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