Technology And Dating: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Dating is hard. Meeting a stranger, developing a connection to them, building a relationship and moving to sexual intimacy can be very daunting. For a lot of people, their social anxiety can get the better of them, making dating really difficult. There is also the matter of how to meet a stranger.

The advent of technology has ensured that people can meet online – either through a website or a dating app – and take it from there. This has opened up a whole new avenue for a lot of people. Once they’ve met, then, the furtherance of the relationship depends on the individuals involved.

The good

It saves you the time, and effort of having to keep going out to try and meet someone. You can check out profiles of those people who willingly upload their information online. That is the first step to knowing that they’re available to meet, at the very least!

The Bad

We all upload only our best photographs. So, the person who likes our profile and evinces interest is probably assuming that you look a certain way based on a selfie. This leads to unreasonable expectations and a lot of misunderstandings. Not to mention the possibility of being catfished.

The ugly

If the person you have agreed to date has some psychological issues, then, you can rest assured that you are in trouble. People can hack into your account and get your personal data, follow you, and harass you based on what you’ve put up in all sincerity.

Chastity contracts, like the one on, go a long way in helping people navigate online dating. It is only when you develop the relationship that you explore the sexual aspect of it. In today’s hookup culture, it is imperative to make sure that the people involved in online dating are in it for the right reasons and not just to have sex!

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