How Safe Is It to Store Personal Photos Online?

Photos are a way we can capture moments of our life. With the onset of Facebook, we got obsessed with the idea of sharing those moments with family and friends. The likes, the comments on each photo you post became a feel-good factor for our souls. We always want multiple back up of our photos since we don’t want to lose them in cases of my account getting hacked or I want to dump the account someday. So, I always resort to photo-storage sites on the net. There are several companies offering these storage spaces like Flickr, Google Photos, iCloud, Photobucket etc.

Is it safe for me to store my photos online? Hackers are everywhere and the fear of leaking of photos is always on my mind. The newspapers recently reported of the hacking attack on iCloud that leaked private pictures of some celebrities. No doubt this is serious affliction!

Photo storage sites are not the only place prone to hacking. Your gadgets that are connected to the internet, like your smartphones are also viable to attacks. So, I take care to delete unwanted photos from my phone, and take backups regularly.

Cloud is the next vulnerable space. The apple and android phones come with a feature to back up your data on cloud automatically. I always ensure to turn off this feature on my phones because I don’t want my photos on the cloud.

Sometimes we would have posted photos on the internet, and don’t want them to be there anymore  Also, this is a great way to keep safe from identity theft. You can delete them one by one but the process is tedious. You can use services to get them deleted, my husband and I use this to remove our information from the web.

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