How Technology Made Life Easier for Working Moms

Fifty years ago, mums were definitely different!

Oh no! I don’t mean different by looks but different in the kind of life they lived, the activities that they did and the values that they lived by. I remember my mother wearing an apron almost all day long when she was not cooking a crockpot pie for the extended family then she’d be in the kitchen garden tending her plants or maybe knitting away the new sweaters that came with instructions in the latest housekeeping magazine she devotedly read.

Fast forward, fifty years or less and we have mothers who are technology savvy. They finish their chores early and leave for work. Most of them take online courses and work from home. They tweet, message and blog; technology is a slave to them and they sure know how to make the most out of it.

I was reading a very interesting article on the contrasting times that we that I sure generation has been and I couldn’t admire that we have definitely come a long long way.

For instance, take my choice for toys; I almost always pick up educational and engaging toys for my children. I have been to so many websites to check out the educational content of each of the toys before I settled down on StarWalkKids. The toys from this place are mind-blowing good and worth every penny in gold.

Now I am so assured that while I am attending to my business, my little munchkins are not just whiling away their important learning phase with passively watching some old repeated cartoons but are actually engaging in some serious fun activities like stargazing and watching the night sky!

I am so assured that with toys and kits like this, the kids are also learning while I sit on my laptop and prepare for my post-graduation in aeronautics! I earnestly do believe that technology has freed the mother and for all the good reasons!!

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