Conventional TV To Smart TV

Everyone has a TV at home. This is one technology that keeps developing very frequently. Either the hardware is changed to make the picture quality better, better sound quality or the siz is made bigger. The screen gets a face lift, making you want to buy another one in just few months.

However it is not feasible to keep changing your TV every few months. Smart TV has become the need of the hour today as one can use all the Android Apps on their TV and can even stream movies from online. However, if you have a conventional TV, do you just discard it for a new smart TV? May not be feasible for all.

Save Money

You might have just spent a lot of money getting a new HDTV to watch all yor favorite shows and movies in high definition, but with newer technology being introduced frequently, the HDTVs are almost obsolete. This is due to the all in one smart TVs that enables you to do almost everything you can do on a smart phone.

One can get the best Android box in the market, but that requires some unwanted expenses. Here is how you can change your existing conventional TV to a smart TV without burning a hole in your pocket:


This is a very affordable option by Google. This dongle is priced very low and can add valuable features to your TV. All you will have to do is install the Chromecast App on your device that supports iOS or Android. This allows you to send content to your TV from supported streaming sources.

Install a free cast plug-in and you can even send data from Google Chrome or Mac. Now your TV can double as a computer.


There are many dongles one can choose from. These can be slightly more expensive than the Chromecast but they have inbuilt hardware similar to that of your smart phone.  All you will have to do is plug in the dongle into the HDMI port of your TV and it will be transformed into an all in one device.


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