Importance Of Firewalls

Having a computer is one of the aspects, but keeping it in a smooth and running is the major task. There are major threats and problems arising within that small device. You would never be aware of a few of them, and few would be known.

The major threats are due to virus, spyware and malware that when stricken puts your data into trouble. Protecting your data from threats is possible by using antivirus and also by updating the firewall on your PC. Though many computer repair centres will help you on that, it’s always better to be aware of such threats and tackles to come out of it. Computer repairs North Lakes which is led by computer technician Robert Krajnyk are experts in protecting your PC from threats, have great solutions to it, and they cater to any PC, be it Windows or Linux, or even the Mac.

They give effective solutions and are punctual everytime. You needn’t wait hours at the centres and then get your problem heard, they have online solutions and processes to make things easier and smoother for all.

Well, let’s now check for few DIY tips for protecting your PC, by checking upon Firewall:

Firewall is basically a             security system for the network, which controls the traffic flow based on few rules that come via the internet.  They are important for any computer that is connected to the internet. There are 2 types;

  • Hardware firewall
  • Software firewall

Hardware firewalls are physical and are seen as astand-aloneproduct, which gives astrong protection to your PC. They use packet filtering method and check for their source and destination. But, compared to software firewalls, they are less effective. They tend to ignore the embedded worms or virus in the outgoing mails and treat them as plain regular traffic.

Software firewall:

They are the most effective ones, as they protect maximum from the threats. They are installed on the computer and can be customised as per your requirement. They have defined controls for setting up a file or document and have privacy control and protectthe computer that is installed on the network and not the whole network.


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