Audio mastering – Are you a pro?


Anchor text: Ways to edit unmastered audio

What is life without sound? Music plays an important role in our day to day life. Be it on the radio, movie, or any video we watch online. A video is appealing when it sounds right. All thanks to the audio engineer. He converts the raw sounds to music in our ears.


Ways to edit unmastered audio

Let us list down the methods to edit an unmastered audio and make it audio rich with proper sound and volume.

  1. Clean cut – All voice recording need to have good cuts. Knowing where to make the cut is essential. While cutting percussions sounds are easy; making cuts in dialogues and songs is tough since vocals are continuous tone cuts can be clearly visible if not done correct.
  2. Background editing – All recordings have background sounds that hinder the quality of the audio. Using a Noise Gate or strip silence feature clears this problem. Once it is done “Room Tone” is inserted to balance the silence.
  3. Dialogue clarity – In cases of dialogues and book reading the stuttering, stumbles and pauses need to be controlled to have a continuous and smooth effect. Timing and phrasing also should be fine otherwise there’ll be a lip sync will watching the video.
  4. Breath noise control – Another issue encountered is the breathing sounds during a dialogue or song. It is not at all preferred. They have to be reduced to a subtle level and not removed completely. If done so the audio would sound unrealistic.
  5. Vocal comping – This is one of the most common editing tasks to be tackled by technicians. Comping meaning ‘Compiling’ is to choose the best performance from multiple takes. The editor scams through the different takes of a particular part and finally mixes them into a single take.

Mastering an audio is essential for the proper feel and voice control. The mastered audio is highly effective with excellent quality and smooth vocals. Even though now we have software for this purpose these are few techniques that have to be known while editing an unmastered audio.


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